Valve Spring Experts

valve spring experts

Are you searching for the right valve spring? Now you can access the same information the professionals receive.

John Medlin

“Most racing teams know Joe as the definitive authority on competition valve train, that’s how he initially became known. And it’s a reputation that’s made him indispensable” - John Medlen

Joe Hornick has made history with every team he has been associated with because he understands the entire engine. "All the professional teams from NHRA to NASCAR," insists Hornick, "acknowledge PSI makes the best competition valve springs for your application."

JHE will know what you need because they know racing engines. "We can provide the technical expertise, always guide you in the right direction, and recommend the best spring," says Joe.

Partnered with PSI for years, Joe Hornick and his team provides advice that simply cannot be matched anywhere else. Sound advice makes all the difference.

Why Choose JHE?

  • All the Professionals know that PSI makes the best valve springs…and we work directly with PSI
  • Of all the reliability concerns within the race engine, valve springs are usually in the top three.
  • Need a valve spring that is outstandingly capable?
  • Joe Hornick is cited by most leading teams as the “Valve Train Expert”

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