Pro Stock

Custom Pro Stock Engines


What’s the #1 myth in all of racing? That all race engine parts are created equal. They’re not, and if you’ve spent much time in engine shops then you know it. Some vehicles are just going to run better because they’re made better, tricked out with the best and most powerful components—period.

And here’s a secret for you: There is no reason in the world why you can’t have the same race technology as the professional racers of the world. There is no reason why your car can’t be outfitted with the same best-in-class, cutting-edge engine parts that the perennial race winners have. No reason at all. In fact, if you are serious about winning, it’s imperative that you take advantage of this pro-level technology—something you can do by contacting Joe Hornick Enterprises.

We’re letting the secret out of the bag, and we’re making you this promise: You can have the same level of engine technology that they use in NASCAR and Pro Stock. And if that’s what you’re after, we’re the team you need to hire to build your custom engine.

We have more than a decade and a half working with the pros—in some of the biggest, most extravagant and innovative engine shops in the world. We’ve won plenty of trophies with our engines and we’ve done R&D work for the biggest names in racing. We’ve discovered what works on a pro level and what doesn’t. Now, we’re making that knowledge available to you.

We’ll give you the competitive edge that you need—and by the way: We’ll also make sure your engine has the durability that it needs!

Harness the power of our superior experience and our engine design excellence. Contact the team at Joe Hornick Enterprises today and get engine parts like the pros.