Drag Racing

Custom Drag Racing Engines


Drag racing requires an engine that’s built for a competitive edge— with more horsepower, better durability, and just flat-out faster. With that said, you don’t want to settle for the same engine everyone else is running. You want a custom drag racing engine built by a team of world-class racing experts—in short, the team at Joe Hornick Enterprises.

When you hire us to custom design your drag racing engine, you’re paying for years of unparalleled experience in the field. Our team brings more than 15 years running some of the biggest-budget engine shops in the country—shops aimed at racers who truly wanted the best. We’ve also done R&D for some of the biggest teams in professional racing, teams with deep pockets and limitless budgets.

In other words, we’ve had the opportunity to play around with just about everything out there, to experiment as though cost was no object, and to develop peerless standards for custom engine design. We have learned what great engine design can be, and what it must be. We’ve seen the best, and we know what it takes to get there.

Now, the Joe Hornick Enterprises team is happy to apply all that knowledge and experience to the world of custom drag racing engines, and to offer our endless expertise to those who want best-in-class engine technology.

Our passion and expertise get results, and we’ve got the track record to prove it. We have won seven out of eight ProStock championships at two different engine shops, and have now amassed championships in 11different drag racing classes.

Now, our zeal is to help even more racers—to help a select set of racers harness our one-of-a-kind engine technology and drive it to victory. We want to work with race teams hungry to win and eager to do what it takes to perform at their absolute best.

And when you contact Joe Hornick Enterprises, the absolute best is exactly what you’re getting. No other custom engine team can match our experience or our knowledge, and no other shop will beat our passion for racing. To learn more about our services in custom drag racing engines, contact us today.