Cylinder Head Development and Full Five-Axis CNC-Machining

Cylinder head development and full 5 axis CNC machining

Production of race engine parts and CNC machining…and guidance

Louis Bossio of AMS Engines in Edmonton, Alberta, puts it best when he says: “I have to deal with the cylinder head guy, block and piston guy, cam and valve spring guy, the induction guy and the carburetor guy. Then I have to assemble it all and make it work. But how do I know if I’ve combined all the right ingredients? In all likelihood I haven’t. Well, that’s why Joe is indispensable.”

Bossio claims that AMS has been helped immensely on the design and production of race engine parts by JHE, particularly valve train components. “Joe,” he says, “skillfully united a team that has brought valuable knowledge to our company.”

The reality of racing

No new technical revolution is permanent—they all evolve into new and often restrictive orthodoxies. Yesterday’s cutting edge is today’s convention. But JHE’s approach has been to constantly swim against the tide, focusing their creative energy on uncovering tomorrow’s advancements.

Naturally, it’s a disconcerting experience to come into racing and find yourself relegated to the back of the field race after race. But there’s a solution with a promise of winning attached. Call JHE—whose sole aim is to keep you at the front.

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