Complete Engine and Parts Design

Complete race engines:

With the exception of NASCAR, most race engines currently in use, like Mountain Motor Pro Stock 830ci race engines, are enlarged or massaged versions of existing 1965 designs.

The strategy used for securing Jason Scruggs’s 2015 PDRA Pro Extreme National Championship title had been accomplished by well-judged modifications to a Brad Anderson architecture. JHE redesigned the camshaft and rocker systems. Later, Anderson blocks were obtained in a more raw unfinished condition. This enabled further changes, mostly alterations to the configuration of the cylinders and lifter bores.

Though quite the achievement, it only represented Hornick’s thinking at one moment in time. His bigger challenge was to ensure a sustainable advantage for Scruggs and soon the prospect of creating a bespoke race engine was discussed—that is, one constructed exclusively to suit a specific task.

“When assessing the best existing engine architecture,” says Joe Hornick, “a question eventually arises: could a much better race engine be designed and produced if created from scratch?” The answer was yes, and the resulting JHE power unit propels Jason Scruggs’s 2017 drag racing campaign.

Nothing stimulates the ambitions of racers to do better than race wins and championship titles. George Bryce, the technically gifted and long-standing NHRA Pro Stock bike tuner recently said, “Joe Hornick brings a massive transfusion of talent to the entire racing scene. His success in full race engine development shows the power of an ungovernable curiosity.”