"It doesn't matter the type of racing, nobody is a one-man band. One man might have compelling ideas but…it's TEAM WORK that succeeds! I've had the fortune of being surrounded by the best people in the biz for several years, but still my move to Pro Stock was the most humbling experience a person could ever have. Nothing endures like memories though, working seven days a week, either at the engine shop or at the track, side-by-side with the team and in the company of Joe Hornick…"

Pro Stock Teamwork

“I believe in hiring quality people and letting them do what they do best,” Cagnazzi said. “We are doing everything we can to build a team that not only can consistently qualify, but also has a realistic chance to win races. Unfortunately in Pro Stock, that’s no easy task, and as you can see it takes time.”

Victor Cagnazzi, http://www.nhra.com/blog/nhra-notebook/2005/05/27/4986/