Greg Anderson reflecting on the origins of the KB Pro Stock drag racing team: "I moved to Charlotte because I had been living on the coast in Jacksonville, NC, where there wasn’t a freeway within an hour's journey. We had to drive two hours to Raleigh just to reach an airplane. I finally came to the conclusion that if I was going to do this full time for a living and do it right, I needed to be more centrally located where I had access to race parts, engineering prowess, and a convenient airport.

"One of the considerations was Atlanta because I had several good years there with Warren. It was a practical place to base a race team, as was Indy or Charlotte. But I settled in Charlotte as it was closer to my wife’s family. When I arrived there I got lucky; I ran into Jason Line and Joe Hornick."

Drag Racing Online,

Jason Line speaking of an opportunity to move to KB Racing: "Joe Hornick was involved in this because he was working the engine deal with Greg and knew I was a drag racer and understood that’s what I still wanted to do. He made the suggestion to Greg that maybe sometime, if they had a spare car, he might let me try driving.

"Greg invited me to work for him, but at that time I couldn’t do it because my opportunities to continue learning engine theory and discerning the lessons from dynamometer testing at Joe Gibbs Racing were too important to abandon."

Jason Line,

“That guy is one of the sharpest engine builders out there. He was the head guy at Gibbs before he got into Pro Stock - know SSAH cars, look out here come the Barton cars.” - Moparts Forum

Scott B., Joe Hornick is joining Johnny Gray at his own engine shop. I hope they will still run the Mopar. If you do not know who Joe is, he was Greg Anderson's head engine builder for three and a half years and Jeggy's for the last two.

“The P5 head that Mopar designed was already being run before Ford's head came out for the trucks. My name has never been on a qualifying sheet, but I do have a pewter Wally from winning Topeka last year as a crew chief. I don't know if that counts or not. A little known fact about Pro Stock, however, is that Joe Hornick is probably responsible for at least 80 percent of the power improvements that happened in the class in the past 10 years.”

Yellow Bullet,