"The task is familiar to him—he's required to find race-winning power. But repeatedly finding power is hard, even for the most gifted. It’s a standard that requires endless attention. For the less able practitioners it can become a muddle of the mind—there are so many elements to get right.

In this arena, Joe Hornick has excelled."

George Bryce,

“Joe’s always penetrating in his observations. An absolute master at soaking up knowledge, he’s been a great help to our team.”

Jimmy Prock, Crew Chief, John Force Racing

“Most racing teams know Joe as the definitive authority on competition valve train, that’s how he initially became known. And it’s a reputation that’s made him near indispensable”

John Medlen,

“Joe is one of the smartest men I’ve met, and it’s not just his acumen at the technical frontier it’s also his capacity to know what makes people tick.”

Jack Cornett,